Book Store Crawl

Pure Michigan has my heart, thanks to Tim Allen’s marketing campaign! This summer, I chose to visit Ann Arbor and lo and behold, it was a mecca for bookworms! I was not made aware until I found the above-pictured The Library Bed & Breakfast, and I should’ve known that it was going to be a special trip. Joan is a wonderful hostess who is knowledgeable about the area as well as books and printing. Basically a local celebrity, Joan knows every bookstore owner in town and is called regularly to look over the recent inventory to add to her collection. Every book in the bnb she has read at least 50 pages of, believing that life is too short to read a bad book! She is well-accomplished as a concert pianist, renovator, pilot, and book collector to say the least. Now I am even more enticed to start my own bnb one day!

Each morning over breakfast, Joan and I chatted about books (obviously) where she gave me a detailed walking tour guide based on my interests. Here is where I ended up:

  1. Motte and Bailey
    • The first stop on the crawl led me to this used book shop filled with charm. I loved how they have a Book Happy Hour Tuesday-Thursday where it is 16% off 1 book and buy 2 books and get a 3rd book $12 or less FREE! A quaint walk-in store lined wall to wall with great paperbacks and local authors.
  2. Literati
    • By far my favorite stop on the book crawl! An edgy, new-age store with new selections in popular fiction, poetry, and nonfiction with a coffee shop on the top floor to enjoy a cup over your recent purchase. The store houses workable typewriters where patrons type messages and secrets where they are sometimes painted on the exterior brick of the building.
  3. Crazy Wisdom
    • More of an earthy environment, Crazy Wisdom is home to crystals, occult, and other worldly knowledge. Upstairs is a cozy tea room with overstuffed couches and chairs.
  4. West Side Bookshop
    • A wonderful collection of rare and used books! I was encouraged to view the the photography room in the back with lovely prints.
  5. Dawn Treader Bookshop
    • Where one could utterly be lost in piles and stacks and shelves of books on top of books! At times overwhelming by the sheer amount of volumes present, the Dawn Treader Bookshop does not disappoint for any types of literature one is or is not looking for.
  6. Aunt Agatha’s
    • A treasure-trove of mystery, crime, and detective books! Being a huge Charlaine Harris fan, I loved the range of books available, even international-themed sections based on country – how eclectic!

What other bookstore crawls are out there?

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