Wizarding World Book Club!

(Picture: Pottermore/Getty)

Today is the day!!! After 2 decades since the first installment of the Harry Potter series was released, a public, Twitter-led forum for the cherished book series kicks-off – The Wizarding World Book Club! After seeing this announcement and signing up online, I realized I had never taken the official Pottermore Sorting Ceremony…… Lo and behold my official house:

At first, I was surprised by the results! I had always believed me to be a Hufflepuff! However, after thinking (over-thinking it – hello Ravenclaw…) and consulting with friends and colleagues, this makes total sense. Knowing that Professor Flitwick, Luna Lovegood, and Ollivander were known Ravenclaws gave me peace of mind. According to Pottermore, I am placed in the house of wizards who are intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, and individual – I’ll take it. As these traits make sense for my level of bookworm-ness, rereading the series is a challenge I’ll take on again – especially knowing others are involved around the world. I am uncertain how much I will be actively joining in on the conversation but there is no doubt I will be keeping up with major themes and discussion points made along the way.

Here’s all you need to know about the Wizarding World Book Club from the source:

Getting started

Every week, we’ll be exploring a new theme of the wizarding world, deep diving into every little detail of each book.

The Wizarding World Book Club’s opening book is, of course, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and the themed weeks officially begin on Monday 26 June. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect as the Book Club officially begins…

About the themes

During June and July, we’ll be exploring the themes of Magic and the Muggle world, first impressions, education, friendship and heroes and villains – key themes that run deep within the first book, Philosopher’s Stone. And while you’re busy reading (or re-reading) the first book, look forward to more Book Club treats coming soon, including new articles examining all things Potter and iconic book extracts.

How to take part

Make sure you introduce yourself on our Twitter, @wwbookclub on Friday 23 June, where the intense discussions can officially begin. Enjoy…

Will you be joining in?

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