Snap Review: Doubles by Nic Brown

Title: Doubles

My rating: 2/5


Slow Smith is in a slump. He’s a professional tennis player stuck in his hometown, serving to an empty court. His wife is in a coma and he’s afraid he’s to blame. Left behind are her Polaroids, obsessive daily records of their life together. Meanwhile Kaz, Slow’s lifelong doubles partner, is traveling the world while playing with someone new.
Then one afternoon his old coach Manny appears in a dumpy Fiat convertible and persuades Slow to get in. When they return to Forest Hills — the site of a six-year winning streak — they reunite with old friends who call up long-buried desires and reveal a secret that threatens to destroy Slow’s marriage as well as his friendship with Kaz.
Slow just can’t win — and especially not back on the court. Turns out Kaz can’t either. Theirs is a bond driven as much by odd habits as by shared life experiences — a marriage not unlike the one rendered comatose — and the only way to get their lives back on track is by playing together again.
At once hilarious and heartbreaking, Doubles serves up a tale of melancholy and redemption — both on the court and off.

Snap Review:

I fear that my review may be shorter than the synopsis….

A quick read but nothing very memorable. Not what I expected, kind of bland  or meh as people who know me would understand what I mean. There were numerous spelling and grammatical errors and even the wrong names being used.

Beyond these blatant, unforgivable pieces, the themes are somewhat relate-able. The story surrounds betrayal, sex, lying, and affairs amidst superstitions. You’d expect more about tennis, but there is not a lot of symbolism between the sport and the lives each of the characters are living. What we see is more about the downfall of an athlete after a car accident and slowly uncovering the truth of secrets before that day. The feeling of waiting too long to forgive someone or you’ll tell them another time is all too real.

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