Quick Lit (3)


Welcome to Quick Lit, where we share short and sweet reviews of what we’ve been reading lately each month on the 15th. Brought to you by Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy, we link up on her blog to see what others are reading!

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


In what may be Dickens’s best novel, humble, orphaned Pip is apprenticed to the dirty work of the forge but dares to dream of becoming a gentleman — and one day, under sudden and enigmatic circumstances, he finds himself in possession of “great expectations.” In this gripping tale of crime and guilt, revenge and reward, the compelling characters include Magwitch, the fearful and fearsome convict; Estella, whose beauty is excelled only by her haughtiness; and the embittered Miss Havisham, an eccentric jilted bride.

Thoughts so far:

I saw a preview for the 2012 adaptation and was intrigued. Whenever I hear of Charles Dickens I think of the high regard of a great novel the reputation claims. I was intimidated for sure – even after reading Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol. However, after starting this novel on a whim since the books I was currently reading weren’t keeping my attention, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly immersed I became with Pip’s first-person narrative. The women in Pip’s life so far are strong and independent, and yet heavy-handed and sometimes cruel. In his youth, Pip calls his sister Mrs. Joe (after her husband) even though it seems that she wears the pants in the family, and sometimes loathing the fact that she is the one to bring up her little brother. Estella, the ward of Miss Havisham is blunt and kind of full of herself as she looks down on Pip and his customs and clothing. It’s interesting to see the varying levels of education being displayed in their speech and language. I’m curious to see where this goes as the story is clearly divided into 3 volumes!

What have you been reading lately?

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