Monday Muse (12) – Reread Month


Sometimes, I look upon my bookshelves that is clearly divided into two sections: to be read and to be reread. As many bookworms may relate to, the to be read pile grows much faster than the latter. However, I’ve been reading some amazing books lately that I wish I had more time to reread them – to experience the emotions I felt the first time and/or to pick up new themes and nuggets I overlooked. I go back and forth between sticking with what you know you like and experiencing something different (always giving a book 100 pages before deciding if it is worth finishing). What a risk that is, as there are other books I KNOW I like that I could reread and still have an enjoyable experience. It is like the whole desert island game: which 5 books would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island? You better like the ones you bring! I wrote a post surmising this thought of rereading called Book Perennials and have yet to take myself up on it. Then I pondered, why not dedicate a whole month to rereading my favorites? Easier said then done, as I am internally going through the rest of year and seeing what books come out or what I have to read for class or my book clubs. Now if I was on a sabbatical, that would be the PERFECT time to indulge in books like these:


I wonder if this idea can be one of the Readathon Challenges I’ve seen….. Now there’s a thought 🙂

What are books you’d like to reread every year?

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