Monday Muse (11) – Book Hangover


Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon has undone me. I was skeptical at first, as how can a Young Adult/Teen book affect me so? Whelp, I’m happy to be proven wrong. And now that I read it in one day, I have no idea what to do with myself. It’s gotten to a point where I picked up a book the other day to start (one that I was highly anticipating!) and couldn’t find it in me to keep at it. Now granted, Everything, Everything is a unique type of literature that includes drawings by the author’s husband and  most dialogue between the two main characters is through email and instant messenger – not comparable to Pride and Prejudice whatsoever in terms of prose. But something about it and the themes and conclusion has kept me in a perpetual book hangover. I must say this is a rare occurrence for me, and it maybe attributed to how I’m on Whole30 and moods are just generally better and life is good in this program! However, I am confident that is not the reason I’m elated, and yet worried to pick something else up because it won’t compare to what I’ve experienced reading through Yoon’s first novel. It doesn’t help either that the trailer for the film adaptation went up not too long ago, so when I’m not reminiscing on the book, I’m watching the youtube clip every moment I get. I can’t get enough. I also want to tell eveerryyooonnneeee I know about it #obsessed. My review will be posted in the next week, so don’t worry, the high will continue then as well.

The questions I have for myself now are, what the heck am I going to read next?! And when will I be mentally prepared for it?!

Have you ever had a book hangover?

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