Monday Muse (10) – The Perfect Spot


I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues while we were waiting for a student interview and of course the topic of books (reading and writing) came up – it wasn’t me who initiated it for once :). I had the day off the day before, and I mentioned that I drove down into the city to my usual go-to spot for reading and writing. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if space and having the feeling of ‘retreating’ makes a huge difference in how we spend our time as well as our attention and motivation to it. Is there a such thing as The Perfect Spot? Or is that an excuse we give when we are not producing our creative abilities and inspiration is not hitting? If the latter is the case, I feel so much pressure to accomplish when I do go to my spot. The fact that I drove almost an hour to get to a space that I expected to add to my drive and mood for the activities at hand made me question why that is. The space that I choose to read and write when I have a large chunk of time is a huge community space in the church I go to. The open floor plan has cozy seating arrangements and high top tables scattered throughout the space along with free WiFi and coffee and tea. It is constantly buzzing with people there to meet with friends, do work, kill some time, or pray. Although I plug my headphones in and escape from that welcoming and comforting atmosphere, just knowing who and what is around me helps me in my energy and motivation – that I am not alone. Now, this has a lot to do with when I read Lonely – Learning to Live with Solitude by Emily White but in a positive way as I am ok with comfortable silence or being in a occupied space where everyone is doing their own thing, including me. Reflecting on my other perfect spots, they have had this similar vibe of a large open space filled with small groupings of people. It’s like when I was in college and could not do homework in my room because of all the distractions. Same as it is now, although there are no grades or tests keeping me accountable. A few Instagram accounts I follow that are from publishers feature an author in their element, be it in their home office or laying on the beach with a notepad. Isn’t that the dream!? I feel that after a few months or so, I’ll find a new perfect spot. Maybe that’s what it is about, not settling on only one but continually looking for something refreshing that I can hold onto – kinda like dreams and aspirations, they are ever evolving and turning into something new that we adapt to and work towards until the next step comes along.

What are your thoughts on the perfect reading/writing spot?

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