Monday Muse (9) – Tinder for Books


Although I hate admitting this, I am a frequent judge of books by their covers. I welcome challenges to this thinking from fellow bookworms and book club members! I’d like to clarify that a used book does not put me off or impair the aforementioned judgement. Broken spine, bent pages, notes written in the margins – I welcome it! With all this talk of what books look like, I cannot help but compare it to modern dating and relationships. For those familiar with the social dating app Tinder, you know you have the ability to swipe left, right, or up depending on your preferences of the people you are looking at. As easy as it is to swipe based on your natural inclinations to or against a particular trait or way one presents themselves, I do wonder what that looks like with books. Whenever I enter a bookstore or library, my initial strategy is to look for authors I know and see what else they have OR (most popularly) look at what front facing covers are presented on the shelves for an appeal. Once in awhile the spine of the book intrigues me, but for the books positioned so we can see the jacket, I am more inclined to take a closer look. If I have time and do not feel overwhelmed, I will take quick glances at all the books in the genres I frequently am drawn to. In this day and age though, we are pressed for time and are looking for quick bursts of time spent on activities. Within the realm of apps and technology, they are used to waste time while standing in line, sitting in class, or before going to bed.  Now I wonder, if there was an actual app for picking your next book or addition to your TBR pile, that you can swipe through, would it take and bring on more readers. I’ve though about how in Tinder, a profile can have multiple photos and blurbs attached to it for the viewer to explore and decide which way they will swipe. With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, how cool would it be to infuse the Blind Date with A Book and Tinder! The profile can have multiple versions of the cover as the photos available and give a brief description within the text and written blurbs. I imagine too a segment of “What the book is looking for in a reader” so it can be mutual (as much as a living thing and an inanimate object can ;)). Additionally, when there’s a match, the reader can get a few chapter excerpts to continue to hold their interest and increase the likelihood of a possible future….until the book is finished of course. Unfortunately, this idea along with the dating apps further the notion of appearance being an initial driving force of attractionality and being hopeful for some  type of potential. Yet, since technology is growing and becoming the norm, why not add a twist on some popular apps in existence.

What are your thoughts on A ‘Blind’ Date With A Book Tinder?

2 thoughts on “Monday Muse (9) – Tinder for Books

  1. Hi! I am a totally “book judger by cover” and it’s not always good! 🙂 I love the idea of Book Tinder- for its creativity. But I despise the idea of real Tinder. Most relationships aren’t based on appearance or a snap decision. So I fear I might miss out on some great books because I was too quick to swipe. There are a lot of books I’ve read and liked because I’ve gotten to know them by reading blogger reviews and hearing people talk about them. It’s a slow-developing romance. lol. I would love to have a friend set me up with a blind date with a book, though! 🙂

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  2. Yea this was a tricky post to write because of what Tinder can denote. I wonder how else this could work without the instant judgement of the cover. I’ve done the blind date with a book in person before, it was such a pleasant surprise 🙂

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