Monday Muse (8) – Writer’s Block


Don’t let the title of this week’s muse have you believe I’ve not written a thing. I’ve learned a lot in this past month about the writing process (more to come I have no doubt!). I’m at about 2,000 words (my hope is 4,000/month, so I’m behind for sure). The pace at which I do my best to articulate a story works for me – once a week {usually on the weekends} for 2-3 hours). However, I have these incredible moments and experiences that I want to out into words immediately, and then I put it off, not sure on how to convey what I want to say and the meanings I interpret from them. Inspiration strikes pretty frequently for the gist of what I want to share – in church, on a work trip, talking to a friend, dealing with challenging relationships, etc. Then I stop and wonder, am I trying to write a memoir or a fictional story that has many elements from my own life? In some way, the latter is a bit easier so I don’t have to dig into those emotions of hurt and healing from my personal experiences.

So in a way, I do have writer’s block – not from content, but fear of not getting it ‘right’.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

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