Monday Muse (7) – The Minimalist Bookworm


So after I wrote about hoarding books, I made a point to ease the collection of my books…. Lo and behold, when I went home for the holidays and went through old boxes my mom had stored for me from my old bedroom, and there they were – 3 huge boxes of books! Although wanting to clean out the amount of items I own, I was ecstatic to find books I haven’t seen or read in years! My TBR pile doubled! From that discovery, I purchased 2 new bookcases and then decided to purge as much as I could from my apartment to offset the balance haha! After one day of the purge, I threw out 3 bags of trash and donated a box and a bag of randomness to Goodwill.

From this experience, I’m still reflecting on my drive to live a more minimal lifestyle. As a bookworm, how does one accomplish this? The houses I see on HGTV (yes, I know they are staged) make me wonder where they put everything? I received a gift card to the Container Store for the holidays, but I don’t want to buy storage items to hide more clutter!  One reason I’m pondering this more and more is when it is time to move again, I want to be as efficient and contained as possible. If I could fit my life into my car and just drive, I would, but could I? I appreciate living in the MidWest since it is the middle of the country and is easily accessible to all corners of the country. That thought has crossed my mind – keep my apartment and travel often, sabbatical anyone?!

Despite the recent acquiring of books, I have began donating those I read and probably won’t read again to the local libraries AND Little Free Libraries – seems like a win-win to me. As I’m contemplating registration to BookExpo (a sure bet for new titles), I wonder what I can do proactively! My 2017 Reading Goals hopefully will make a dent in my TBR piles amidst the new shelves I built this month. Argh, is there such a thing as a minimalist bookworm?

What are your musings on minimalism?

4 thoughts on “Monday Muse (7) – The Minimalist Bookworm

  1. I just recently donated books that I know I won’t read or won’t read again, and cleaned up my ereader. I am such an extreme minimalist, and have often been asked how I live this way. Truth, there is a direct connection between my mind feeling cluttered and having clutter in my environment. As much as I love books, I can’t have too many sitting about that I am not going to read. I start to get all crazy in the head when it comes to picking my next read. 🙂

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  2. I think donating books is a wonderful idea and I really should start doing it. Books pile up so easily and once they’ve been read, they really are just clutter (as wonderful as they are). That said though, I love buying new books and am absolutely terrible at decluttering my bookshelf.

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