Bookish Date!


Scrolling through my Pinterest and Facebook feeds, I can’t help but wonder about the cute literary themed events there are – weddings, birthdays, engagement photos, dances/balls/formals, etc. Whether it is based on a classic story we love or around bookish things like a library or bookstore, I can’t help but think of all the possibilities to bring literature alive and into our daily lives. When I was a mentor for students in college who were breaking the code of conduct, an activity that was listed was called a bookstore scavenger hunt. After completing it with my mentee, I thought how cool would this activity be on a date (clearly a different context then being a mentor). The point (regardless of motivations that led to the activity) is to get to know one another in a fun way. Here is how it goes:

Find a book…

  • Take as long as you need to find the book.
  • Meet me back at the café with all your books (you can make several trips if you can’t carry 17 books )
  • You don’t have to have already read the book – using book titles or what you THINK the book is about is fine.
  • Most importantly: you get extra points for full-disclosure, honesty, and of course, hilariousness.


  1. Find a book by someone, or about someone, you admire
  2. Find a book you would never read.
  3. Find a book you would secretly like to read but would never admit.
  4. Find a book that represents the “you” from a year ago.
  5. Find a book that represents you now.
  6. Find a book that you would like to read with a partner, or a group.
  7. Find a self-help book that you anticipate NEVER needing to read.
  8. Find a self-help book you already know you need to read.
  9. Find a book you think is inspiring.
  10. Find a book/magazine that represents a hobby/activity would you take up if you had all the time in the world.
  11. Find a book or magazine representing where you would live if you could live anywhere in the world.
  12. Find a financial book you would like to read.
  13. Find a book that reflects how you feel when you wake up in the morning.
  14. Find a book that describes your family.
  15. Find a book that describes what you think your life will be like 10 years from now.
  16. Find a book that describes you at your “best”.
  17. Find a book that describes you at your “worst”.

A way to flip it would be to hunt for books that the other person would like or matches their interests based on the topic – depending on how long you’ve know the person could alter some of the topic descriptions. Want more? How about the traditional book blind date? Valentine’s Day is in a month and the way to a bookworm’s heart is through books, especially ones that pique our interest and get us to look beyond the surface into the heart of it (synonymous to dating real people).


What’s your ideal bookish date?

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