Monday Muse (6) – Shakespeare’s Principal Plays


A friend of mine from book club and I are taking an English Literature course next Spring!!! After my experience this semester, we though a higher upper-level course would be more beneficial for mature discussions and learning so we have decided to go with (drumroll please)…..


I feel that it is pretty safe to say most of us have experienced Romeo and Juliet (at a bare minimum) when learning about Shakespeare. However, I honestly have not delved into much other than that. Of course I’ve heard of the other titles that are referenced frequently and/or adaptations have been made, and that is where I’ve stopped. Plays aren’t my go-to genre of reads, and that’s why I feel I need to take this course. Additionally, Shakespeare’s works have been launch points for present-day writers. It would be great to dissect the origin of some plots.

Here is what I’m guessing we are going to read (I’ll post the syllabus when I receive it!):

  • The Taming of The Shrew
  • Hamlet
  • Macbeth
  • Henry V
  • The Tempest

A double-win is that some of these will count for my Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge 🙂 It will be great to taking someone I know (especially since we are in similar times of life and can potentially relate to different experiences moreso than traditional undergraduate students). I’m still on the fence of whether I want the class to count for credit or if I’m only auditing. The syllabus will determine that – it’s a class of 30 and if there are group projects I’ll be doing the work for them anyway so might as well get credit! Wish me luck!

Any advice for reading through Shakespeare?

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