Gilmore Girls Revival Review (SPOILERS)



Before you keep reading, please note the warnings I have given if you have not seen the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netlfix that premiered Friday, November 25th. Most of my thoughts below are more reaction-based as opposed to summary and laying out the context. To give you some more time to contemplate reading further, I’d love to share with you all the excitement of a sponsorship from UberPrints on the above designed T-Shirt! I was able to customize a shirt for whatever I wanted, and they were super easy to work with. I’m not usually a fan of graphic tees but this was an appropriate occasion 🙂 As much of a Gilmore Girls fan I am, I own a Luke’s Diner mug, several books on Rory’s Reading Challenge List and now this shirt! I have got to expand haha.

Ok, if you’re at this point, I can’t stop you, so let’s just get this out of the way now. COMPLETE FULL CIRCLE! The last 4 words:

  • RORY: Mom?
  • LORELAI: Yea?
  • RORY: I’m Pregnant.

These were in my guesses before the season was released. Also some contenders were “I love you, (insert boy name or Rory)” OR “Mom, I have cancer”. Potentially either a cliche or an interesting cliffhanger, these would still be argued amongst all the Gillies out there. In my mind, what the words actually were, I didn’t see coming in this way – I am #TeamJess all the way, and he definitely was screwed or not developed in any of the 4 episodes. Rory has always been my spirit animal, someone I relate to, but her being human was honestly disappointing to me, especially since I thought she learned from sleeping around with someone who isn’t available the first time. That’s what hurts me the most (I get so attached to these characters, obviously!). However, I’ve seen so many parallels on what this could mean for the future: Logan is basically Christopher and Jess is like Luke. I wondered if Christopher (Rory’s dad) was going to make an appearance, and when she went to talk to him about the Gilmore Girls book, it didn’t occur to me until the last 4 words that Rory was looking to see what part Logan would (or even if) play since – like mother, like daughter – she could raise the baby on her own, with the support of Stars Hollow, Lorelai, Luke, Emily, and (fingers crossed) Jess.

The ‘Fall’ episode had the most response but ‘Winter’ was close behind since it gave backstory for the last 10 years and set the tone for the rest of the mini-series. It was strange in the first few minutes getting back into the witty banter of the Gilmores as well as the modern day pop culture references! We caught up with Paris and Doyle, Lane and Zach, and met Mr. Kim for the first time! The middle episodes of ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ I’m blending in with the other episodes since they werent that memorable, especially with a 30ish minute segment on the Stars Hollow Musical – talk about random. A few minutes would’ve been fine, however the whole musical might as well have been shown. If only that time could be substituted with more Jess (who didn’t arrive until ‘Summer’). The scene that made me cry the most was when Lorelai was doing “Wild” and called Emily to give her favorite memory of Richard. That was the moment that they finally reconciled their complicated mother-daughter relationship and was about time!


Even though it has been a few days, I still have mixed feelings about the revival. One minute, I’ll want it to go back to the end of Season 7 (I know, it was terrible) because it held so much promise, and I’d rather be at that point have Rory remaining independent and not revolve around men. The next minute, I’ll want another season for more closure and then think about any 2 of the #Team(insert Rory’s male acquaintances here) would be upset no matter who Rory ended up with (*cough better be Jess). I can see it ending here for good, and we imagine what may happen as it is full circle. We’ve caught up with everyone, Emily’s found purpose in the Nantucket whale museum, Luke and Lorelai are finally married, and the Dragonfly Inn gets its expansion along with Michel for keeps while the loan for that expansion allows Emily to keep her regular outings with Lorelai AND Luke. In a way, it is closure, but of course we all want the happy ending for Rory, which in some minds mean she is happily with one of her past boyfriends. I fear that another season will be a stretch and other dramatic plots are put in just because there needs to be something else going on besides Rory’s pregnancy/child. The short cameos with Dean, Sookie, Tristan (kind of – it wasn’t Chad Michael Murray), Christopher, the Life and Death Brigade, and Jackson were nice since everyone made it back somehow. I even loved seeing The Gilmore Guys (Kevin and Demi) hanging out in the Dragonfly, as well as Paul Anka, Carol King, and Sutton Foster making appearances. I’d be surprised if there was another season, mainly since the Palladinos knew what the last 4 words were going to be before this season was even a thought.

Like I said, still processing my mixed feelings and still pondering what am I to do next! After I finished, I watched a few episodes from season 3 with Jess because I just needed to see them together. Sorry to say, he knows her the best (and gave her the idea to write the book!! Come on! 🙂 ). I digress 🙂

What were your thoughts about the Gilmore Girls Revival?

2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Revival Review (SPOILERS)

  1. I definitely have mixed feelings about Spring and Summer. Winter and Fall were by far the best. That musical was just weird. There was absolutely no point to it.

    It took me a while to realize the full circle. I knew something was up, but I didn’t put two and two together until after it was over. I always thought the four words were going to be:
    Lorelai: “I do.”
    Luke: “Me too.”

    So needless to say, I was excited about the wedding. But those last four words. Left me stunned. Haha. I like the way it ended though. That wedding was super cute and just the way it should have been on June 3rd. I’ll take it!

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