Book Club: The One-In-A-Million Boy by Monica Wood


Let me preface by saying we went a different route for venue this month to discuss Monica Wood’s The One-In-A-Million Boy and landed with our favorite wine bar. Appetizers, meatloaf, soups, cheese, and wine were our spread for the evening among the general murmur of a bar scene in a small town. With that being said, we were not able to dive deep into the novel. Fear not! With what we were able to discuss in smaller groups based on where we sat around the long table, the content and themes were pretty clear.

From what we had read, we learned that this was the first book out of our book clubbing experience that we all felt positively towards! #winning! There was a sense of missing the book because it had ended, as the characters were relate-able and had depth and development. The father of ‘the boy’, Quinn, we did not feel his back story as a musician was too significant to the story until Ona’s passed husband’s, Howard, music was brought into the present. Additionally, ‘the boy’ had a much deeper connection with his father than Quinn could ever know – if only he had lived to show him what he learned and created for his father. Along the lines of this connection of ‘the boy’, each of his interviews with Ona started with “This is Miss Ona Vitkus. This is her life shards on tape” – later to be known that the tape he created was to have the same fate of shards that made up a whole beautiful being.

We could not understand the meaning behind Ona’s card tricks and what purpose they held. Perhaps that was how the bond between her and ‘the boy’ began – out of curiosity and being a different kind of boy AND how Ona’s relationship with Quinn started, like an icebreaker or a test. It is the goal of some of us to be a spunky older member of society – based off the age Ona has reached by the end of the book, seems like the best way to have a long life!

Here’s to our next book club selection, The Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance!

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