Monday Muse (4) – Found It!


I’ve finally gotten around to planning out the future of this blog and my role as a blogger! This revelation occurred last week when I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me – close to insomnia. I spent a good hour designing business cards that will prepare me for my visit to BookExpo America next Spring as I was severely under-prepared last year! After that, I thought that now that I’m actively getting my brand and blog out there, I should do something fun with it. So I’ve come up with Found It! – a scavenger-hunt of sorts that allows folks to intentionally or accidentally stumble upon something I’ve left behind.


The finders are in control of if they want to be keepers, but the idea is to turn it into a Pay it Forward-type of experience and then log the findings and bookish thoughts through my blog. From there, I will compile the submissions into posts featuring the finder of the item(s). They are also able to pose questions and basically say whatever they want! I’m very interested to see what comes out of this project and the stories folks choose to share. Here’s to hoping it catches on 🙂

What kind of surprises/items would you like to find in a bookish scavenger hunt?

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