Book Club: No One Knows by J.T. Ellison


For the most part, our group thought this was a fast-paced thriller that kept our attention most of the way through. We shared out our own theories of what we thought was happening. These ranged from Chase being Josh the whole time, Meghan playing a bigger role in the conspiracy, and Aubrey creating this whole story in her mind in a psych ward! It’s amazing the creativity and imagination we have when trying to figure out what is going on – it is only natural, especially with a thriller.

Although this was a quick read, we discussed the questions of what makes a good book? vs what makes a good book club book? This was brought up because we felt that most of the characters lacked good character development and some of the elements were never touched on even though their significance was displayed throughout the narrative. We later learned that this author has written a slew of thriller novels, and this one can be compared to an episode of Law and Order SVU or CSI: because of all the unrealistic twists and turns that are solely there for entertainment and maybe a little bit of knowledge into the romanticized professions. Regardless, the questions still remain as it leads to a bigger question of if this impacts are book club selections in the future. An argument that can be made is that we are being introduced to new genres and styles of writing we wouldn’t have read on our own – so in fact, it is a positive that we are expanding our levels of comfort and the go-to sections we are attracted to in bookstores and libraries.

This month’s pick allowed us some moments of laughter, like Daisy driving her eyelashed car into Aubrey’s house, as well as discerning what is realistic and how relate-able themes are important for us to pick out for a more fruitful discussion.

Here’s to our next book club selection, The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood!

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