Monday Muse (1) – Film Adaptations


As some of you may know, I went back to school this Fall because a. I missed taking classes and, b. I wanted to talk about books more often! The course I am taking is Literature and Film. The basis of the class is to analyze literature as well as the visual adaptations – whether they are loyal or not and what that means for how ‘good’ the film is with or without the literature tie-in. It has been fascinating so far and we haven’t even done a compare/contrast yet! In our group discussions, I confessed to my group that already I am watching films in a new light, seeing them as creative expressions of the interpretation of literature. It blew my mind how filmmakers and adaptation artists have such a challenging task: if they copy everything from the written word, then they aren’t original; if they change the direction of the work, they are seen as unfaithful. I had never thought about how difficult that may be, let alone the logistics of the film – lighting, acting, editing, etc. This week we are watching a film that details this process appropriately: Adaptation. Like I said, very fitting!

What are your thoughts on film adaptations?

3 thoughts on “Monday Muse (1) – Film Adaptations

  1. Sounds like a fun and super interesting class! I guess I never really thought about how difficult it must be to adapt a novel to a movie… I always just wrote them off pegging them as ‘not as good as the book’

    I personally liked Lord of the Rings because it brought the world of Tolkien to life for me!


  2. This sounds like an awesome class! I love studying literary adaptations. I agree with you, adapting a book is a very difficult task, but in the end if you manage to do something creative and intelligent with the source material, it makes for the best film.

    (Did you guys read Linda Hutcheon’s book ‘A Theory of Adaptation’ in class? I’d definitely recommend it, it’s a really great scholarly analysis of film adaptation. :))

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