Book Review: Drifting in the Push by Daniel Garrison


Title: Drifting in the Push

Author: Daniel Garrison

Published: 2016

Pages: 361

Genre: Memoir

Format: Print copy mailed by author

My rating: 4/5


Drifting in the Push is a fast-paced, comical romp that takes the reader on a journey through the unintentional adventures of one man’s reality. From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from Mexico to Alaska, missteps, stubborn obstacles, and fate are his constant companions, along with an offbeat assortment of entertaining characters. From time to time, his escapades include his two childhood friends—Bryan, who follows him to the unforgiving Arctic, and Shane, who steers him down an unpleasant alley or two. Amid this craziness, he picks up another friend—Hank, his devoted dog. This chronological series of interdependent short stories will take you from fear to love, amusement to surprise, and it just might occasionally leave a tear in your eye.


A fast-paced look into Dan Garrison’s life left me feeling like if I find something inspiring, go for it. Although from a distance, Dan may seem fearless on all his endeavors, he questioned several of his moves (location-wise and general pursuits) but stuck them out until something else popped up that was a better opportunity or just different. For readers who are more the planners out there and need to know steps to take for the future, you may be slightly uncomfortable with Dan’s approach to life. I found it refreshing and light-hearted at times in addition to down-to-earth and realistic. I’m envious of his ability to pick-up and leave and know what’s important to him – and not selfishly since Hank, his dog, he shows so much love and compassion for above all else.

Dan’s life is not boring, that’s for sure. He finds himself in several pickles in which I’m amazed that he is able to survive – both as a child well into his adult life. It also leads me to wonder, how can so much happen to one person? Quite fantastical yet honest. The first few chapters sped through his childhood in which I couldn’t grasp a tight connection as we jumped through his life quickly. Broken down, each chapter could be a short story in and of itself.

Read Drifting in the Push if you like the themes of:

  • Independence
  • Adventure
  • Laissez Faire

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