Top Ten Tuesday (6)


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Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them (inspired by my post wayyy back in 2012 that I did on a TTT freebie week and have so wanting to revisit.

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  1. Visit an ashram (Eat Pray Love) – The sense of community and being at peace with oneself sounds like the perfect way to see who I really am and be okay with that. Liz (with the help of Richard) addresses her problems head on and forgives herself. That kind of power is not something I have allowed myself before.
  2. Open a bookstore (Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend) – It would be kinda cool to travel to a different country to meet a pen pal and end up establishing a bookstore that would bring life to an old, sleepy town. On the other hand, groups that read and recommend books through subscriptions sounds pretty appealing to me! (If BOTM, NovelTea, or BooklyBox have openings, sign me up!)
  3. Become a foodie/cook more (Food Whore) – Sometimes I imagine living in a big city and having a variety of food choices available that I could 1. afford and 2. be able to try something new every once in awhile. Watching shows like Chopped and Cake Masters fuels this even more.
  4. Start a Vlog/YouTube Series (The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet) – Not sure how likely this will be since I can’t stand listening to my own voice. However, I see the benefit of making my story more personable and vulnerable to whomever will listen. It’s not just my feelings on the line, it’s those that I talk about (if I choose to), although not quite to the degree as Lizzie.
  5. Ride a horse (The Longest Ride) – I know, pretty sad that I haven’t ridden a horse or even a donkey before. It looks so peaceful and free. I feel that it would put me outside my comfort zone in a good way because in some way there is not much I can control.
  6. Walk and read through a field (Pride and Prejudice) – I’ll be honest, I walk and read plenty – sometimes on the treadmill, other times walking to work on the sidewalks. Safety-wise, I think walking through a field will better suit me. Additionally, even though I’ll be looking down at the pages of my book, I will just know how beautiful the scenery is.
  7. Live during the Roarin’ 20’s… (The Great Gatsby) – The style. Period. The whole prohibition thing, eh, not my motivation. Folks looked elegant no matter where they were going and regardless of class.
  8. …Or the Fifties (Brooklyn) – Again, the style. Life also seemed so much simpler then. Going to the moving pictures was an event, so was Coney Island, and the diverse neighborhoods of immigrants from Ireland and Italy – beautiful.
  9. Be more brave, kind, selfless, smart, and honest (Divergent) – Aka being Divergent? I feel I have bits and pieces of these values and characteristics but like Four, I want to be all of them, genuinely.
  10. Learn to shoot an arrow (The Hunger Games) – I remember in P.E. in middle school we learned, but I more or less scraped the inside of my bicep whenever I released the string – clearly my form was horrible. I would not use this relearned skill like Ramsey Bolton or to fight in the Hunger Games. I’m good just shooting at a plastic target attached to a tree.

What are the Top Ten Things Books Have Made You Want To Do or Learn?

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