#OurSharedShelf (2)


Book Club Pick: The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Kourtney and I are on our way to catching up to the #OurSharedShelf feminist book club! After getting through the broken English of the time period, we bot felt that we got a sense of life throughout those 30+ years for Celie and Nettie. I wished that there was more tie in with general U.S. history as it would provide some context for the progression throughout the years. Kourtney made the point that maybe that was how life was, not really knowing what was happening beyond the small town and quaint community they were a part of. I do wonder what my opinion would have been or have changed if I had read this in my schooling or on my own when I was younger and then to read it again as an adult. We felt that all the characters played a major part in the narrative (regardless of primary/secondary) since Nettie and Celie provided their perspectives in letters to each other and to God.

To be honest, we did not have much to say to this award-winning classic in U.S. history. It was interesting to see the varying levels of education available, with just reading the different styles of letters written by Nettie and Celie. The female empowerment was pretty clear as Celie took on her own business of sewing pants, Nettie did missionary work abroad, Shug was not tied down to one man or location with her singing, and Squeak stood up for her birth name – Mary Agnes. Although having one’s children taken away and forced to marry a man that does what he pleases to you and other women is terrible as it is, I was imagining more hatred and heartbreak in the story. During a time of segregation and inequality, I am relieved in a way that it wasn’t presented but also surprised. The thematic elements were not focused on the tragedies there but more on sisterly affection, God, education, work, travel, and community in a small town.

Pretty quick reading with written letters to follow along with gave us a personal and introspective take on the sisters. It is nice to change up the way we read 🙂

Up next,  by All About Love by Bell Hooks! Until then 🙂

Are you reading #OurSharedShelf ? 

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