Top Ten Tuesday (4)


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Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)

Ten Facts About Me

  1. Reading means a lot to me – Let’s just get that out of the way haha. If folks couldn’t tell that by the creation and maintenance of this blog and the piles of books around my apartment, then I do not know how else to show it!
  2. I do my best to keep an active lifestyle – I fidget and am restless quite often. So I run, bike, play volleyball, jump in a trampoline park, you name it! That’s why I think living in a town that I can walk/bike everywhere is a strong dream of mine.
  3. I constantly get mistaken for being younger than I actually am – After hearing, “you will age well” or “oh, wow, I thought you were in college” it starts to get frustrating. Some may say it is a compliment, but I constantly feel that I need to change my wardrobe and appearance to look older and mature because that’s where I see respect coming to those that look their age.
  4. I love to learn – I’ll be honest, I miss being in the classroom dearly. The discussions on different topics, bringing in personal stories, and hearing other perspectives is something you don’t see too often outside class. Fortunately, I signed up for an undergraduate English Literature class for the fall and I cannot wait!
  5. My niece and nephew are two of my favorite people – no lie. Even though they are barely in kindergarten, they make me smile, laugh, want to be a better person and aunt!
  6. I carry a book with me everywhere – Yep, Rory Gilmore has taught me well! You never know when you’ll have downtime or create a conversation starter.
  7. I treat myself to fresh flowers once a month – Something about fresh cut flowers that brighten up a room and make me feel good when I see or smell them.
  8. You’ve Got Mail is probably one of my favorite movies – How can it not be? I’d also add The Proposal in there too! Being in the book business sounds exhilarating and empowering!
  9. 8 is my favorite number – Random fact, I know. I graduated in 2008; my assigned number for sports growing up was 8; it is a perfect cube; the college I attended was founded in 1908; and it is symmetircal – the perfect number!
  10. I have 3 tattoos – Although none are literary or book-related…hmm, maybe it is time to change that!

What are Ten Facts About You?

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (4)

  1. I am always mistaken for younger than I am as well! Which is really insane, since I feel like an 80 year old trapped in 20-something’s body :p I think it’s great that you love to learn! I have switched majors to a business major, and I miss all of the fun classes from my old English major! Great list πŸ™‚

    My TTT.


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