Book Review: Thirty-Three Cecils by Everett De Morier


Title: Thirty-Three Cecils

Author: Everett De Morier

Published: 2015

Pages: 288

Genre: Fiction

Format: ARC sent from the author

My rating: 4/5


“In 1992 — when Amy Fisher dominated every news channel — there lived two men. The first was a once prominent cartoonist who had a very public fall from grace. The other was an alcoholic who worked in a landfill. Both lived in in different parts of the country and led completely separate lives — until their paths crossed.

You know their names. And for over twenty years, you thought you knew their story — until their journals were found and authenticated in 2014.

And what we thought we knew — what the old news clips and the old stories wanted us to think — were all wrong.”

I will admit, I believed this book to be a recount of actual events and Googled the title and names several times trying to figure out if this story of everything happening for a reason happened in real life! Unfortunately (and fortunately!) it is a work of fiction brilliantly laid out by Morier. I felt immersed in the story created by aligning two journals within the same time in two different places (both geographically and in life).

The prologue completely drew me in as it disclosed how these journals were brought to light and the mystery and history behind them. Right from there, I was hooked (even though you know what is going to happen because Morier straight up tells you!) by the development of characters and plot. Both narrators speaking in first person provided depth in each of their journal entries, giving context and background to how they’ve found themselves in their current predicament. Walker and Dutch have wonderful imaginations and creativity that invite us as readers into their world and the dreams they have for it.

Though simply written, Morier embellishes with well-thought out and sometimes insignificant details that add up later for a well-rounded, thought-provoking experience for readers. Such a pleasure to have read and immersed myself into this work of genius.

Read Thirty-Three Cecils  if you like the themes of:

  • Complete 180
  • Happenstance
  • Creativity
  • Picking up and going
  • Good will
  • Unlikely friendship

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