Book Review: Where the Broken Lie by Derek Rempfer


Title: Where the Broken Lie

Author: Derek Rempfer

Published: 2013

Pages: 180

Genre: Fiction

Format: Kindle version sent by author

My rating:  3.5/5


“Who killed Katie Cooper?
When Tucker return to his hometown of Willow Grove to grieve the death of his infant son, memories of the murder of Katie, his childhood sweetheart, are ignited. In spite of her death being blamed on a disturbed drifter known as Slim Jim, Tucker has always wondered if the real killer is still out there. With new clues arriving through anonymous letters left at the graveyard, Tucker is certain that Katie’s death is truly unsolved. While coming to terms with the loss of his son, Tucker also seeks truth. But the real killer may still be out there, willing to kill again to protect a dark secret.
Where The Broken Lie shines a spotlight on small-town secrets, faith, fear, love and loss in this enigmatic journey into the scarred hearts left behind.”

Quite an intriguing storyline involving death and what we remember during those moments in time. I was not expecting this much mystery but I was pleasantly surprised as it was enticing and fast-paced. There were several mentions of the ‘monsters inside us’ and I felt that I understood what was meant by that near the end of the novel. Honestly, I have thoughts inside me that aren’t as deep and mortifying but still scary to think about and what will finally release me of those monsters.

I found the theme of innocence to be prevalent – both of children and the wrongly accused. Looking back on my childhood, especially now that the holidays have just passed, I remember how some details didn’t matter or register until much later in life when I could make sense of it. Very similar to Tucker and other children in the story.

The flashbacks gave great context on Tucker’s experience as a child and an adult where death seemed to follow him – potentially how his monsters developed. It is fascinating how death affects us in different ways, and we see that with multiple characters in this novel.

Read Where the Broken Lie if you like the themes of:

  • Mystery
  • Childhood
  • Justice

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