New Year, New Goals!

new year new

I am all about setting goals and giving myself challenges – I think it makes life more interesting and meaningful when you’re striving for something SMART – Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timely. In the past, I have made the ever popular New Year’s Resolution list, where I write it out before New Year’s and then wind up not looking at it until the following December, realizing I didn’t attempt, or if I did, gave up quickly. I’ve heard that changing/adopting a habit takes 3 weeks to become a part of the routine. With that thinking, if I can make it to the end of January sticking with my goals and having a good rhythm and strategy, I should have a higher rate of success.

The short list is:

By the Numbers:

  1. Running: 500 Miles
    • I’ve been using MapMyRun to help me train for my races and saw that I ran 284 miles this year! Wanting to continue a healthy lifestyle, I’m upping the ante.
  2. Reading: 52 (double last year!)
    • I know I can read a lot more than this passed year, plus having started blogging last March, I believe I have more motivation to read more!
  3. Learning: 365 Italian Words (1 word a day)
    • I’ve been struggling with learning a new language and sticking with it throughout high school and college. Having an Italian ancestry, I feel that I should have some basic knowledge besides Grazie and Prego.

I have other goals on my list that I feel I won’t need as much accountability on as the goals listed above. Besides, having too many goals can lead to feeling overwhelmed and there is too much change. Maybe some of my smaller goals, I’ll leave for Lent! Who knows?!

What are your goals for the new year?

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