BEA, I’m Coming For You


In my field, I travel in the country to conferences and learn about how I can be a better educated and knowledgeable practitioner. A couple of my friends and my family have gone to notable conferences and conventions that are within their interests: ComicCon, Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest, StoryLine, so on and so forth. Whelp, they have all inspired me to go for it!

By May 2016, I will have been blogging for a little over a year. Of course, I have plenty more skills and strategies to learn, so why not go where I can learn hands-on with some of the best – BookExpo America! I’m sure as it gets closer, I’ll be getting nervous as I’m most likely a novice in the eyes of a majority of the attendees. Meeting some of the bloggers I follow I am positive I will have a fangirl moment, or two…

I honestly don’t know what to expect for the most part. I’ve scanned over the previous years’ itineraries, but I feel that actually being there will provide more context and buzz that a website is unable to capture – even though it has gotten me jazzed already! Not that I do not have friends and family here that I can share this excitement with, I just think it will be different to be fully immersed in the book world and go from there. When I registered, I gave in to the extra purchases of a mug and tote bag….imagine what I will get when I’m there! Next summer, I’m hoping to come away with a better idea of the book world as well as meet fellow bloggers on the same mission! BEA 2016, here I come…whelp in 6 months, but soon enough!

What has your experience been at book/blogging conferences?

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