Tea, Please!










Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea (or you coffee drinkers out there – a cup of coffee) and a book? I have been an inhabitant of coffeeshops and cafes ranging from Panera to Starbucks to independent shops all over the country. It is also something about the atmosphere and collection of folks who come to get work done, write the next chapter in their book, catch up with a friend or two, read the paper, or just relax amidst a hectic week. Sometimes, getting to those locations takes initial planning – travel time, bag that fits all the supplies, and looking socially acceptable outside your house. This weekend, I wanted that same feeling in those shops and cafes in my own home – a little challenging without other people around, I know. Challenge accepted, nonetheless.

First thing is first, where? Well, given that I don’t use my kitchen table to eat on, I thought I would start there! I cleared off the placemats and set up shop with my laptop, iPad, journals, books, pens, and sticky notes. I have never been a traditional ‘desk’ person and find surfaces/places that can serve multiple tasks – even though I spend hours in Office Depot planning my dream office… While I was cleaning the other day, I found a lapdesk that will work perfectly when I am working while watching tv from the couch OR on the balcony in my Adirondack chair. A nice surface to write in my new novel-writing journal or typing into my laptop without my legs burning from the heat.

Next up, ambiance. Because it is the start of fall, candles are a necessity! Pumpkin, caramel, and crisp apple scents fill the air as well as the soft glow of the candlelight across the walls and table. I’m considering baking some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or bread to add the bakery scents….and a light snack! Music can make or break the flow of one’s goals of being in a coffeeshop environment. Ever since I re-watch You’ve Got Mail for the hundreth time, I have been in a 90s pop music kind of mood – bringing me back to my childhood, a time filled with high energy and innocence and little stress – perfect for getting work done. Some of the highlights from my Pandora playlist are as follows:

  • Dreams – The Cranberries
  • Everything you want – Vertical Horizon
  • Crash into me – Dave Matthews Band
  • Tearing up my heart – N*Sync

Finally, nutrients and energy! The main motivation for frequenting the cafes! When it comes to tea, I have the usuals that are never missing from my home stash: Ginger peach, Mango, and English Breakfast – all from The Republic of Tea. Hot or cold, doesn’t matter, I’ll enjoy them either way. I made a fresh pitcher of English Breakfast sweet iced tea in the morning that will last me a couple of days. I had this idea when I first moved in to my place that I would have a tea station. It is at a good start with the tea set, Keurig, serving platter, and a rustic feel, though in the future I would like to make it more like a coffee/tea bar buffet server. Last but not least, a good, hearty grilled cheese sandwich with tomato slices did the trick – it’s not a broccoli cheddar soup with a Caesar salad but still wonderfully delicious!

tea please2








With all the set-up listed above, I can confidently say I have utilized this mock-coffeeshop corner of my home to knock out 3 blog posts and plan out my reading list for the rest of the year. Successful outing at home for sure!

How do you create that workflow energy in your home?

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