Labor Day Book Adventure

book adventure









Being the second full week of college students back at the university, I have felt like I needed a #self-care day as part of the 3-day holiday weekend. I have been through Indy a few times since I moved out to the MidWest, but I wanted to delve a little deeper into its culture. I did a little shopping downtown, grabbed brunch at Pattachou and did some reading! Most of the day I spent at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, 4 floors of a wide range of artwork from the Americas to Asia to Europe and everywhere in between. My favorite collection was the Contemporary Design portion of the museum. I am a fan of art that can be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. In this exhibit, there were unique takes on chairs, shelves, technology, you name it! I was warned prior to entering the exhibit that there were sensors with silent alarms that would go off if I got to close or attempted to sit on or utilize the work!

Not necessarily looking for anything bookish, I stumbled upon two extraordinary exhibits that spoke to my book nerd persona.

The Public Collection


After brunch, I walked towards the heart of downtown Indianapolis and found a unique display that appeared to be a little free library in the middle of a big city. Looking more closely at the structure and signage posted close by, I found that it was part of a much bigger collaborative known as The Public Collection. Artists were commissioned around the city to create book share stations that visitors can leave a book, trade a book, or take a book. Their mission said it all to me The Public Collection increases access to books through the use of functional pieces of art in familiar settings. The initiatives are to improve literacy, foster a deeper appreciation of the arts, and raise awareness for educational justice in the community.” As someone who is a huge supporter of literacy and education, I applaud the engineers behind the initiative as well as the artists who took the time to create the stations. At the bottom floor of the museum, another station was set up as a refrigerator! Genius! I appreciated the creativity put into the stations, and I wished I had the chance to see all of them in the city! If I had not only had my iPad for reading on my visit, I would have traded one of my books in a heartbeat! I look forward to other initiatives like this in other parts of the country – Anyone know of any?

public connection










Funky Bones

funky bones









Who remembers what this is from? That’s right, the famous scene from The Fault in Our Stars where Gus takes Hazel to Funky Bones as a part of his Dutch picnic! Located in the parks of the museum, I was not aware that it was here until I went to the gift shop and saw a map of the grounds. I swear I gasped when I realized to what it was referring. As I was walking the path throughout the grounds, I was imagining the crew of TFIOS walking the same course! I was definitely having a #fangirl moment. It is difficult to get a full shot of the work since there aren’t any hills or elevated spots around. I must have taken several selfies at different angles to try to get the whole display! After getting the shots I needed, I sat on one of the leg pieces and reflected for a little. It was the perfect end to the day and quite a surprise.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

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