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This past week, my family and I celebrated Mother’s Day by cruising down to the Bahamas! I could not believe how crystal clear the ocean water was – it was like swimming in a large, salty pool! My mom and I took a helicopter ride around the island of Grand Turk and took some gorgeous photos. I do not even think pictures will do it justice, you all just need to see it to believe it! Although sad to leave that beautiful country behind, we had a blast and have several memories to look back on as we get back to reality.

This trip was especially wonderful because of no technology – completely tuned out from the world an social media. Aka the perfect reading get-away! Being the bookworm I am, I over-packed my carry-on with 6 books, I was being a little too optimistic! I was only able to read about a third of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon which, yes was not as much as I hoped for, but I found enjoyment in other aspects of the trip. One of which was peeking at what everyone else on the cruise was reading! Just looking around on the top deck, I saw e-readers, Nooks, paperbacks, hardbacks, kids books, magazines, you name it. While I was waiting for my mom at the guest services desk, I started a conversation with two women that were coincidentally reading the same book – The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins (a bestselling thriller that I added to my TBR after speaking with these women). Not only did I appreciate this impromptu meeting, I also gained a strong inclination to talk to people who have books out and ask them about it.

Happenstance, I found a link this morning where a blogger meets readers on the subway and has them do the book review for the book they have. The blog Subway Book Review sounds like a wonderful way to get the opinions and feelings from everyday readers during their commute – as that is a perfectly good use of time no matter where you’re heading. I wonder what conversations Uli Beutter Cohen had with the New Yorkers – I would love to hear folks’ stories – who they are, what the book means to them (if anything), their life – basically whatever they are willing to share I’d love listen and gain new knowledge and insights.

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 What kinds of spontaneous conversations have you had with readers you cross paths with?

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