Novel Careers on the Silver Screen

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Most of my inspiration in life comes from either books or movies/television. And with my family, there was no exception. My eldest brother wanted to serve in the Coast Guard after seeing BayWatch and my second eldest brother wanted to be an architect like Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch. Well with me, it is no different. It kind of seems like an oxymoron that I wanted to read/write books after watching t.v. but the world is a funny place. I had mentioned in my About page how much Rory Gilmore is a fictional role model when it comes to pursuing literary/writing careers, but there are some movies I’d like to pay homage to when it comes to showcasing book careers in theaters! Here are my top movies that have books as their career focus:

1. You’ve Got Mail – Bookstore Owner

Like Kathleen Kelly, The Shop Around the Corner had a special place in my heart. Having been to a few mom and pop local bookstores, I respect the familiarity and homeyness of a quaint store. Seeing that it was passed down from mother to daughter was another precious characteristic of a small business in the bookselling world.

2. The Proposal – Book Editor/Publisher

“Now, it must seem strange to you, my life in New York… sitting in an office, reading books. But it makes me happy” One of my favorite lines from Ryan Reynold’s character (Andrew) defending his choice to become an editor. I’ve started imagining what that actually looks like – are publishers/editors literally reading all throughout the work day? I’m sure they are also meeting with authors like Sandra Bullock’s character (Margaret).

3. A Novel Romance – Writer, Book Reviewer

The love story of a writer emblematic of Nicholas Sparks and a book reviewer for a Portland newspaper, Hallmark Movie Channel wins over the hopeless romantics. Wanting a change from being told how to write reviews, Sophie starts her own book review website and her first assignment is to uncover who the real author behind the pseudonym Gabriel August – who happens to be who Sophie knows as Liam, a consultant. Starting up this blog was helped along by Sophie’s drive to write in her own style.

4. The Mummy – Librarian

Having so much rich knowledge about the world and being surrounded by so many resources all day long sounds like a dream. Evelyn enlists the help of Rick O’Connell on an architectural dig in Egypt after awakening an ancient mummy. Utilizing her strengths of intuition and ability to quickly translate foreign (archaic) languages to figure out the solution while Rick resorts to more aggressive measures. That amount of knowledge gained leads me to think that the world is out there to be explored and the content read in books can be seen up close and person.


After seeing these movies (countless times, I admit), my aspirations to work towards the book business have consistently increased. I cannot wait for more novel careers to appear on screen!


What are some of your favorite movies about books?


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