Places & Spaces: Indy Reads Books


Recently, I took a trip to Indianapolis, part of the Crossroads of America! Although a frigid afternoon in the city, my family and I were able to explore some Indy locales that have shaped the city’s eclectic atmosphere. When I moved out to the MidWest, I was weary of the ‘city’-life as I have been through Philadelphia and New York City and have been slightly overwhelmed. Out here, though, I feel more comfortable and like the city is more manageable. We shall see how the rest of my American City exploration goes in the future!

Our first stop this time was to the Chocolate Cafe, a perfect way to start out the morning with a cup of hot chocolate and cherry flavored chocolate-covered pretzels! We had already went running that morning AND eaten breakfast, but hey, why not splurge in a big city? Monument Circle – the downtown part of Indy – is a one-stop shop for a great shopping trip, with local stores and restaurants encircling the monument in the middle.

Having a brother who loves comics, we explored Downtown Comics, a mecca of sorts with varying replicas of our favorite heroes and characters, and an infinite amount of series of comics and graphic novels, in pristine condition in plastic and/or cases for ultimate protection! I loved seeing the adaptations of books/shows that I frequently tune into, such as The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones.

Of course, my contribution to our trip was to the bookstore, Indy Reads Books. A quaint book shop with new and lightly used books ranging in topics. The highlight of this store was the case of signed John Green books (as he hails from Indy!)


Being a softy for The Fault in Our Stars, I melted at the sight of these books. I additionally began to think about the next John Green novel to make its debut on the big screen, Paper Towns. What I loved about Indy Reads books (besides the abundance of volumes to choose from) was the promotion of adult literacy. Later, on this blog, I’ll write about access to education and physical resources and books (one of my passions in life). This store relies on volunteers to serve its mission – making Indiana 100% literate. When a customer purchases a book here, they are also contributing to literacy in the area – a win-win in my books 🙂 I cannot imagine a better way to spend my weekend, curled up on the couch with the hot chocolate, a John Green book, and the knowledge that I am one of many assisting residents with literacy and education.


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